Hide & Seek Champion Vinyl Bigfoot Decal

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Hide & Seek Champion Vinyl Bigfoot Decal
Hide & Seek Champion Vinyl Bigfoot Decal

Olly Olly Oxen Free! Might as well show yourself, as there's no "out-hiding" the All-Time Hide & Seek Champion. But now that you've found this high quality decal, you might as well get one (or two, or ten) before they disappear!

Decal is nominally 4"H x 3.8"W, but can be easily scaled to almost any different size.  Please feel free to contact me for a custom request.

Each decal is supplied with a low-tack clear application tape for ease of install ("PEEL-STICK-PEEL" method). Also included is a quick start set of helpful instructions, as well as a small sample practice decal.

This one of a kind Sasquatch decal can only be found here at Dukes Decals. This product is contour cut from high quality vinyl, and will have everyone you know asking where they can get theirs. The material used is indoor/outdoor rated, and can be placed on any flat surface, as well as simple curves. We also customize just about any sticker you will find here, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any custom sticker or decal needs you might have!

Original concept/artwork copyright © Dukes Designs LLC 2015 - No reproduction allowed without permission.

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