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Seahawks + Washington State Vinyl Decal

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Seahawks + Washington State Vinyl Decal
For all the SEAHAWKS fans out there! There are a lot of Seattle Seahawks logo decals out there, but there are none like this. Our take is a blend between the outline of both Washington State and the majestic bird herself - you won't find this anywhere else!

This is the ORIGINAL design incorporating the Washington State outline blending into the Seahawks logo. It's a great design and there are already shops knocking off copies of it. If you see this design and concept at another shop, please keep in mind it's a copy. I'm proud of the fact I try to be as creative and original as possible, and not copy other people's designs. Please support original art and those creating it!

Decal is nominally 2.75"H x 7.25"W.

Each decal is supplied with a low-tack clear application tape for ease of install ("PEEL-STICK-PEEL" method). Also included is a quick start set of helpful instructions, as well as a small sample practice decal.

These Seahawks die-cut vinyl decals are custom designed in house. The material used is indoor/outdoor rated, and can be placed on any flat surface, as well as simple curves. And please don't forget that you can customize almost any of these decals, so if you would like to mix up this design in any way (different color, larger or smaller size, etc.) please don't hesitate to contact me for a free estimate.

Original concept/artwork copyright © Dukes Designs LLC 2015 - No reproduction allowed without permission.

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